Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does ResQstick do?
ResQstick rescues data from dead or unusable computers. This includes PCs that won't boot, have the "blue screen of death", or you've just forgotten your Windows logon password. It automatically recovers the photos, videos, music and files you thought were lost forever. 

Can ResQstick rescue every kind of dead computer?
No. ResQstick can't solve every data recovery problem. No single product can fix every possible hardware error. But if ResQstick doesn't work for you we'll refund your money. You won't even have to return the product. 

Do I need to be a computer geek to use ResQstick?
No geeks necessary! ResQstick is super easy to use. It's designed especially for regular home computer users. Plug it into a USB port and turn on the power. Even if your computer hasn’t started in years, ResQstick will automatically find and recover your lost files. No computer expertise or experience needed. 

Can I get free technical support and free upgrades?
Yes, we provide free technical support and product upgrades.

Do I get to choose what I want to save?
ResQstick finds & selects all your data. You can then rescue it all or just rescue part. 

Where does ResQstick save my rescued data?
ResQstick automatically uploads to the location of your choice: an external USB drive  or directly into the Dropbox cloud. Click the RESCUE button and walk away. ResQstick does the rest.

How many times can I use ResQstick?
You can use ResQstick as many times as you like. Your initial purchase entitles you to rescue data from up to three separate computers. Should you need to rescue more PCs just contact

Is this for both PC and Mac?
ResQstick recovers data from Windows PCs, not Apple computers. 

Is my computer too old to save?
ResQstick works with PCs manufactured since 1998. 

    Does ResQstick fix dead computers?
    No. ResQstick rescues data from dead computers, it doesn't rescue the computer.

    Does ResQstick bring back deleted files?
    No. ResQstick doesn't restore deleted files. It rescues data from dead computers or computers that won't boot.

    Does ResQstick recover external USB drives, USB memory sticks, SD cards, or network storage?
    No. ResQstick rescues data from the drive inside your PC (your internal hard drive).

    Does ResQstick recover the software installed on my dead PC?
    No. ResQstick rescues your data, not the installed programs.

    Does ResQstick work if my computer screen is completely black?
    No. That probably means it's not getting electricity or the screen is burned out.

    What if I can't find the "boot key" mentioned in the Quick Start Guide?
    Contact ResQstick Technical Support for help booting your particular computer.

    When I'm rescuing data onto an external USB drive, why does ResQstick need an Internet connection?
    Our software must connect briefly to our product activation server to confirm that the ResQstick activation code is genuine. This registers your product & makes you eligible for free upgrades.

    I followed the boot instructions but ResQstick sits there with a blank screen. How long should I wait for the recovery wizard to start?
    If it doesn't proceed to the recovery interface in 3 to 5 minutes then contact ResQstick Technical Support. If we can't make ResQstick boot your particular PC then we'll refund your money immediately... regardless of if you bought it from this website or via our page on Amazon. No need to return the product to get a refund.