What does ResQstick do?
ResQstick rescues data from dead or unusable computers. It automatically recovers the photos, videos, music and files you thought were lost forever. Won't boot? Blue screen of death? No password? Too slow to use? No problemo! ResQstick handles it all for you.

Do I need to be a computer geek to use ResQstick?
No geeks necessary! ResQstick is super easy to use. It's designed especially for regular home computer users. Plug it into a USB port and turn on the power. Even if your computer hasn’t started in years, ResQstick will automatically find and recover your lost files. No computer expertise or experience needed. None at all. 

Do I get to choose what I want to save?
ResQstick finds & selects all your data. You can rescue it all or just rescue part. The choice is always yours. 

Where does ResQstick save my rescued data?
ResQstick automatically uploads to the location of your choice: an external USB drive or directly into the Dropbox cloud. Click the RESCUE button and walk away. ResQstick does the rest.

How many times can I use ResQstick?
You can use ResQstick as many times as you like. Your initial purchase entitles you to rescue data from up to three separate computers. Should you need to rescue more PCs just contact support@resqstick.com.

Is this for both PC and Mac?
ResQstick recovers data from Windows PCs, not Apple computers. 

Is my computer too old to save?
ResQstick works with PCs manufactured since 1998.

Can ResQstick rescue every kind of dead computer?
It’s possible that your hard drive or motherboard may be irreparably damaged. Although not common, this can happen if a computer is dropped hard or hit by an electrical power surge. That's why we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If ResQstick can't recover your data we will cheerfully refund your money.

Can I get free technical support and free upgrades?
YES, we provide free technical support and product upgrades.

How does it feel to see your old photos again?
It feels great.