ResQstick & Self Driving Cars

People sometimes ask: what's the connection between ResQstick and self driving cars? More than you'd think!  Self driving cars are programmed with the skill and experience of a (hopefully) good driver. It's designed to drive for you. The benefit is that it frees you to focus on other things. The risk (currently) is that it might kill you.  ResQstick is programmed with the skill and experience of a data recovery specialist. It's designed to rescue your files from slow, unusable or even dead computers. The benefit is that it performs the same operations of a master technician FOR YOU, easily and automatically. No risk, only reward. Enjoy... and...

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Second chances

All of us make mistakes. But we don't always get a chance to fix them. The number one mistake nearly everyone makes? Not having ALL your local data mirrored safely in the cloud 24/7. People rarely do. What happens when there's a disaster? Kick yourself all you like. When your computer doesn't boot it's too late to put your stuff into Dropbox. You missed your chance. Right? Nope! That used to be the case. But NOW there's ResQstick.  ResQstick is the only way to get data directly off your dead computer and send it straight into Dropbox. It's easy, it's automatic, and it saves your skin....

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Protecting your Privacy

This is the very first post on the new ResQstick blog. So let's start with something important: your privacy and personal safety. Can you trust unknown "expert technicians" to look through the files on your computer? According to information obtained by the Electronic Frontier Foundation following a freedom of information (FOIA) lawsuit, federal agents paid Geek Squad managers to pass on information about illegal materials on devices sent in by customers for repairs. On average, technicians get paid about $14 / hour. Apparently, some technicians are willing to supplement their salaries...

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